I am currently

Writing my thoughts about productivity, traveling and remote working in a newsletter called


Collaborating as an art director and strategist in

Blank Page Lab



My Story

I shoot film, just for fun.

Human/Kitesurfer/Graphic Designer/Copywriter

My mission is to help brands own their digital message and give a meaning to what they have to say, not what the latest trend tells them to.

My digital marketing story was born in Panama, where after working at a big digital agency for over two years I realized the cookie cutter approach was not meant for me.

I believe that the human dimension is essential to start any successful project and that a true brand goes beyond the * social media * grid.

My soft spot is an imaginative and collaborative approach to navigating the social media landscape.

Strategy, curation, funnels and virtually anythings that shares the same roof.

I am commited to make your brand memorable by telling engaging stories through concept driven digital solutions.


More about me

I like

creating & Curating

High on radar content that engages with your audience beyond vanity metrics.

Geeking out on Productivity

I am passionate about the healthy and gentle side of productivity and being a not stressed human.

A Freedom Lifestyle

The norm of a 9-5 never suited me. Traveling, working remotely and enjoying a free lifestyle is what fills me up.


core values

we'll get along if you believe that

All is a hollogram and we are irrevocably interconected.
Brands are more than a social media profile.
You can be the creator of the lifestyle you seek.
All the best ideas are powered by coffee or matcha.