Isabella Pru

Helping you own your digital message beyond the grid


My mission is to

Amplify your authentic voice.

[Spoiler alert]: you can connect with your dream audience in more ways than just the trend following.



Hola, I'm Isa

Creative Director currently based in Panama, where after working at a digital agency for over two years I realized the cookie cutter approach was not meant for me.

I believe that the human dimension is essential to start any successful project.

You can find me anywhere in the world with my kite-bag, laptop, and good wi-fi.

Get to know me better.

what you have to say matters

what you have to say matters

what you have to say matters

what you have to say matters

what you have to say matters


What I do


Social Media Strategy

Video & Photography, UGC creation, Monthly Grid Curation, Management, Copywriting.


Website, Social, Email and brand identity messaging generation

Holistic Email marketing

Funnel design, strategy and set up.

Art Direction

Photography, video and Brand Identity.

"There's nothing more powerful than sharp words that can describe your projects better than you can describe them yourself."

Maia Benaim

Founder of Blank Page

"I cannot be more grateful for her. She gave my vision a voice and guided my project to become visually real "

Vanessa Orelli

Founder of Olivia Ann Studio

" Since Isa joined my team social media became a fun proyect. She's given me tangible results and brought credibility into my business "

Gabriela Toro

The Blissful Step



Café Unido/The Blissful Step/Jules Acree/Steps Revolution/Tropical Shala/Olivia Ann Studio



Your ideas just found their place me@isabellapru.io